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Our Flavors

Original  (14 oz.)

Pepper Jack, Sharp Cheddar, Dukes Mayo, Pimentos, Green Onion, Dill, various spices.


Orig, plus BJ_edited.jpg

Original + Bacon + Jalapenos 

Original (14 oz.) + Bacon Crumbles (3 oz.) + Diced Jalapenos (5 oz.)


Original add B_edited.jpg

Original + Bacon  

Original (14 oz.) + Bacon Crumbles (3 oz.) 


Original add B_edited.jpg

Original + Jalapenos

Original (14 oz.) + Diced Jalapenos (3 oz.) 


Tommy's: Text

"if there was a Pimento Cheese as good as mine at the grocery store I wouldn't bother making it myself"

-Tommy Connally

Tommy's: About Us

The Pimento King's

Thoughts on Food​

  • I only buy the best ingredients available regardless of price. 

  • I'm not a chef, I just make things the way I like to eat it...and it better taste good! 

  • Our cheese is more of a "spread" than a "dip" and doesn’t have a strong "pimentoey" taste. 

  • Great on Saltines, Pretzel Chips, Hawaiian Rolls!   

  • The Connally family recipe started with my great grandmother "Momma Carrie" back in the 1920's.  My grandmother "Nana" got me hooked by making it special for me on every visit. I've added a few ingredients I enjoy over the years to make it my own.  

  • Role Model:  Abe Froman "the Sausage King of Chicago" 


I wasn’t particularly a fan of pimento cheese because I hadn’t had a quality product, until I tasted Tommy’s Pimento Cheese. Now I eat it as often as they make it. Hurry up and make some more!

Barbara W. 

I was never one to really like pimento or even consider buying it at a store. Now that I’ve had Tommy’s Pimento cheese I love it! I am always taking a batch anytime I go to someone’s house. The quality and freshness is tops!

Greg L.

Tommy’s Pimento Cheese is by far the BEST pimento cheese I have ever had. It tastes so fresh and homemade. My husband eats it on everything.

Misty L.

He can call himself the "Pimento Cheese King" any day of the week in my book!

Frank H.

We love it so much we gave several as gifts for Christmas. The quality of ingredients is what makes Tommy’s pimento cheese so good.

Laura C.

I didn't even think I liked pimento cheese but Tommy’s changed my mind.  I’m hooked!

Victor M.

Tommy's: Testimonials

Pimento King & Queen

Tommy Connally

Grunt worker, cook, misc.


Jodie Connally

In Charge


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